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This is the website of a family of creative types. Bernd has signed his work "Hi" for many years, which led to "Hi-Creative".

Contact: If you have any questions or comments about our work, please contact us at info@hi-creative.co.uk


Bernd & Ilse Hildebrandt

Born in Germany, Bernd and Ilse Hildebrandt served the German YMCA in London for over forty years. During this time they started a traditional German Christmas Market, including their diverse range of handicrafts, and continued supporting it after retiring to Reading, Berkshire in 2003.

Bernd Hildebrandt's individual style of presenting pressed flowers was first noticed by the Stanley Gibbons "Flora" magazine, which exhibited some pictures at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1979 and published three illustrated articles in subsequent years.

Recently, "Hildebrandt" crafts won prizes in various categories at craft shows.

Bernd and Ilse have two children – Markus and Martina.

Martina Hildebrandt

Over the past few years, I have been using traditional linocut techniques and combining them with collage and collagraph printing, creating quite a family of strolling figures in the modern world's current obsession with small screens. This has now developed with my interest in the hidden history of Reading, my adopted home, and researching its eminent women. I try to create thought-provoking images that have a story behind them but leave room for the viewer to create their own thoughts. I'm influenced by the many artists that have acted as a "Graphic Witness" in their time – Hogarth and Goya, Magritte and A. Paul Weber, with perhaps a bit of whimsy thrown in. Also having grown up in London, travelling on the tube to school, I take inspiration from the printed material we see all around us.

Trained as a Theatre Designer at the Wimbledon School of Art, I worked for the London Fringe and touring companies for 7 years. With creative parents, making things has always been a part of life. Moving on in a different direction I now also deal with another kind of paint!

Over the last few years I have become an active member of the Reading Guild of Artists, where I have been able to use and develop various skills. I am currently on the RGA council and volunteer as the Webmaster and Archivist.

Markus Hildebrandt

Born in London, I trained as a mechanical engineer and worked in Germany and France for over ten years before returning to Britain. I have since worked as a graphic designer in web design, advertising and publications.

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